The Dark God's Mask

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Episode 1

Nobody and Starflower returned from north of Dyerhorn with an obsidian mask, an artifact of the dark God, Zehir. Dentos wants us to head back to Meltyn and see about gathering more information about the cult. He assigns an elven druid named Enna and a halfling archer named Roscoe

As we head north, we encounter a lot of hunters heading south.  As it is spring, the good hunting season is over and are heading south to sell their wares.  Hunters and trappers have no bad news, and hunting has been good.  There are no rumblings of trouble. Whistling Woods to our west with a river between.

We make camp a little ways off the road, and the night passes uneventful. The next day we meet a couple travellers coming south from Meltyn, and get to Meltyn around sunset. We make our way to see Seth at the Weary Knight.

"Thou shalt not lie with the cloven-hooved as thy do with sheep.  It is forbidden."

Flint Smith, Brinn Carpenter, Thorn Trapper and Dain Hunter.

Trappers have seen more orc activity closer to civilization than normal. Other than that there is not a lot of information to be had. Dawn Mistwalker is out, so Starflower must go without rejection one more day.

As we move out toward the temple, we are attacked by wolves, one being particularly large. They seem particularly hungry and scraggly. We drive the big one off and are forced to kill the other three. We leave their carcasses hopefully as food for the other.

Make it to the temple. Rest the night. In morning, Nobody climbs tree and sees unnatural clearing to northwest. We head for it and run into three orcs following a trail and returning from hunting with a deer. Kill them, scatter the deer parts for the animals, and follow their well worn trail to a keep. Enna scouts as a spider into the keep and finds a couple orcs arm wrestling. She returns and gives a general layout of the keep.

We enter, with Nobody taking point, quietly moving up the hall, looking for traps. We get to the barred double doors, and Enna changes into a spider again. She crawls under the door and removes the bar, so we can get through quietly. Moving to the end of the hall, we go right at the T, and come to double doors on the left and a single door on the right

Knowing there are two orcs in the room to the left, we prepare for them, and Nobody opens the door, hiding behind it. The orcs get to their feet and come to investigate, and meet Starflower and Nobody with axes drawn.

Enna and Roscoe hang back, and are prepared when another orc comes out of a room down the other hall. Nobody coalesces the dancing lights into a glowing humanoid form and sends it down toward the orc, startling it for a moment and allowing Enna and Roscoe time to react.

Soon, all is quiet, and the three orcs lie dead on the wood plank floor.

Episode 2

Across from the mess hall was a kitchen with some giant rats.  Enna bears up and takes care of them while Starflower naps and bleeds.  We rest in the mess hall.  I check out the bedroom.  Safe.  Long rest.  Find a trapdoor under the bed, and a tabard with a Sun and longsword insignia that Starflower thinks is of a tractor named Balin.

Across the hall is a library lined with bookshelves and a desk.  Books are all in bad condition.  Find two books worth something.  Random Tome Vols 1 & 2. We find a secret door in the corner that hasn't been open in a while, opens into a narrow stairway.

Check out the first door in the entry hall, barracks.  Back to the kitchen and check out the double doors.  Under a loose floorboard, is a bag with a ruby. 

We head downstairs, and find an empty room with a secret door which leads to a hidden study with tapestries of the god, Zahir.  Stone table with dark stain.  Bookshelf has books in a language we don't understand emblazoned with the snakey symbol of Zehir.

Beyond the door is a hall going both directions, a door directly across and one to the south.  Guttural vocalizations and moaning comes from an open area to the north. Zombies. And a ghoul.  And a rust monster.  Starfleet lost his chainmail.  We find a diamond.

The door across from the secret study. Two zombies and a spectre.  Nobody says "Close the door! Spectre!".  Jenna casts faerie fire, affecting the spectre. Shackles on the wall and torture devices, rack, iron maiden, bloodstains.


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