The Dark God's Mask

Episode 2

Across from the mess hall was a kitchen with some giant rats.  Enna bears up and takes care of them while Starflower naps and bleeds.  We rest in the mess hall.  I check out the bedroom.  Safe.  Long rest.  Find a trapdoor under the bed, and a tabard with a Sun and longsword insignia that Starflower thinks is of a tractor named Balin.

Across the hall is a library lined with bookshelves and a desk.  Books are all in bad condition.  Find two books worth something.  Random Tome Vols 1 & 2. We find a secret door in the corner that hasn't been open in a while, opens into a narrow stairway.

Check out the first door in the entry hall, barracks.  Back to the kitchen and check out the double doors.  Under a loose floorboard, is a bag with a ruby. 

We head downstairs, and find an empty room with a secret door which leads to a hidden study with tapestries of the god, Zahir.  Stone table with dark stain.  Bookshelf has books in a language we don't understand emblazoned with the snakey symbol of Zehir.

Beyond the door is a hall going both directions, a door directly across and one to the south.  Guttural vocalizations and moaning comes from an open area to the north. Zombies. And a ghoul.  And a rust monster.  Starfleet lost his chainmail.  We find a diamond.

The door across from the secret study. Two zombies and a spectre.  Nobody says "Close the door! Spectre!".  Jenna casts faerie fire, affecting the spectre. Shackles on the wall and torture devices, rack, iron maiden, bloodstains.


LooseScrew LooseScrew

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